Tips For Maintaining Your Fence


If you own a wood fence, you already know the hassle and cost of repairs. Nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try or how much money you spend on repairs. You will probably soon find out that you must replace the entire fence or at least come up with a budget for partial repairs. One way to avoid this costly ordeal is by finding a professional Fencing that is familiar with the issues involved in repairing fences.

FenceJust routine maintenance will keep your wooden fence looking new. However, prolonged exposure to harsh weather will eventually cause serious problems, including rotting or cracked rails, posts, or panels. If that occurs, it is time for your fence to receive some extra attention. There are two main types of fence repair: repairing the damage caused by the sun and repairing the damage caused by falling debris. Here is a quick look at both of these options.

Falling Wood your wooden fence has likely sustained some impact from wildlife over the years. Over time many animals are attracted to the shade provided by the Wood and start chewing on it. When you see pieces of Wood falling from your fence or a branch breaking off your fence, you should know that you will need to hire a skilled expert to repair it. Some people think they can fix minor damage to their fence themselves, but even professionals know that it is better to call in a pro to fix any problems you may have. If you suspect that your wooden fencing has sustained some damage and you know that you do not want to try to fix it yourself, contact a local, experienced fence maintenance company to schedule a free inspection and estimate for wood repairs.

Maintaining Your Fence Most people realize that the purpose of maintaining their fence is to prevent it from becoming damaged in the first place, but many forget actually to keep the fence maintained. If your fence is old and in poor condition, you are likely to incur thousands of dollars in repairs over the next decade. The average cost of repairs will probably shock you. Although the costs associated with fence repairs are indeed higher than those of standard home repairs, you are actually paying for more damage prevention than you are replacing your fence with new panels. Regular inspections and coatings will not only increase the life expectancy of your panels, but they will also protect your home against intrusion and theft. If you are able to find a company in your area that offers a reasonable guarantee on their work and reasonable prices for repairs, consider having them service your fence for an annual basis.

Do It Yourself Versus Professional Fence Repair If you decide to fix your fence on your own, you have a few different options. You can choose to fix your fence on your own using tools that you likely already have, or you can use professional tools. While it is true that most professional contractors can perform basic fence repairs, the job will often require additional skill and equipment that are not always sold in a tool shed. If you cannot afford to hire a contractor, you may want to attempt to fix your fence on your own. One way to estimate the amount of labor you will need is to determine how much time you think you will spend fixing the fence. If you spend approximately half as much time as you would to hire a contractor, you will be in the clear if you decide to fix your fence on your own.

However, if you decide that it is time for both parties to get involved and that you would rather have the panels replaced, you should schedule regular maintenance visits to your fence. Remember that professional companies are better equipped to handle more complicated repairs regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it. For instance, a wood fence is often one of the most difficult types of fences to repair, and most wood fence repair services offer at least a basic warranty against cracking or breaking of the panels. If you plan to replace the panels on your own, keep in mind that there is a small possibility that the cracks are too large, and that you will need to have them replaced with extra panels before completing the job.